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Truth is stranger than fiction……

‘I don’t read’ says yer man. He does of course – he just doesn’t like stories about things that didn’t happen. He likes to learn something while he reads. So for the non fiction reader in your life, a selection:

Do No Harm : Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery– Henry Marsh
‘My very sense of self… in fact the electrochemical chatter of a hundred billion nerve cells’ Henry Marsh is a brain surgeon – his mistakes can cost people their lives, or disable them. Despite this he has to continue to operate, saving and helping hundreds, with the potential always there that a slip could be catastrophic. Real life stories give an insight to a very humane man doing a difficult job.

The Legendary ‘Lugs’ Branigan – Ireland’s most famous Garda – Kevin C. Kearns
An unlikely hero, he was a gangly tall youth with big ears that was bullied as a teenager. He took up boxing as part of Garda training and became heavy weight champion. He had an uncanny sixth sense – he could grasp the essence of a situation – could ‘see into the soul’ and knew when a clatter and a warning would do more good than arresting. He was a champion of women and saved many a battered woman who could not seek solace from church or state.
As well as a biography, this is a fascinating social history of Dublin from 1930 to 1960

The Last Armada – Des Ekin
Did you know that Kinsale in the year 1600 was a wine importing town? And the resulting wine cellars played a significant role in the siege. Or that the victorious English lost so many men Mountjoy commented that they would have to stop winning wars like that. This is our book of the year, though be prepared for the person you give it to insisting on reading out bits to you.

Not my Fathers’s Son – a Family Memoir – Alan Cumming
Lovers of Eli in The Good Wife, Alan Cumming may be surprised to hear he is Scottish. He tells his story with a good feel for drama and no self-pity. He grew up with a violent father and without going into much detail as to the nature of the physical abuse, he manages to convey the feelings of terror, shame and worthlessness that he endured. The book is centred around the filming of an episode of ‘Who do you think you are’ – which is about Alan’s maternal grandfather who disappeared after the second world war and later died in an accidental shooting.
In the middle of it all Alan’s older brother phones to tell him that their father had revealed a shocking secret.
Well written book about a personal journey, coming to terms with the past in order to be fully alive in the future. It also gives an Interesting glimpse into the life of a celebrity, and the damage media intrusion can do.

Joan of Arc
This is not historical fiction – extrapolating from few facts known about Joan but a scholoraly well researched piece of work. The first third of the book deals with the 14 years before Joan apprears – understanding the view of God in war is essential to understanding Joan.
The French felt deserted by God – after suffered humiliating defeats and the country was roughly divided in two – English Henry V heir by treaty/Charles 7th in South – and a deadly civil war waged between them.
Onto this stage a peasant girl arrives on horseback in boys clothes saying she has heard the voice of God telling her that she will drive the English from France.
Her skill on the battlefield and her courage inspired the French – turned tide in their favour. She was captured in 1431 and the first trial was about proving her voices were demonic. The offence of wearing men’s clothes was part of the decision to burn her at the stake.
In 1455 when Charles takes throne – he felt in the shadow of her heresy so a new posthumous trial was instigated to clear her name.
Joan of Arc was canonised in 1920

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Getting in touch with your inner sloth….

The time to relax is when you don’t have the time to relax!!!

Reading a good book is the best way of living in the NOW – body, mind and soul in perfect harmony. Don’t waste reading time – get a book personally chosen for you in your nearest indie bookstore


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School book orders are now closed

We do still have a good selection of school books and stationery for all the local schools – we just will not be able to reorder any books that are out of stock.

Open Mon to Sat 9.00 to 5.30 and Sunday 11-4

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Book of the Month

Read our Recommendations for the month of May on our ‘Reader’s Review‘ page

Fault in our Stars


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Pyjama Party Success!

THANK YOU to everyone who made last night’s Pyjama Party and author reading with Benji Bennett such a great success, especially the local businesses who donated prizes for our Barretstown Raffle.

Benji Photo

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Pyjama party on World Book Night – Wednesday April 23

To celebrate winning ‘Independent Bookshop of the Year 2014′, we are holding a pyjama party on Wednesday 23rd April, 7:00pm-9:00pm.

Come and meet our Children’s author and bring your second hand books to swap. There will be a raffle in aid of Barretstown and lots of special offers. FREE hot chocolate for those who come in their pyjamas!  See you there.

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Some days are just Golden

I was in Amsterdam to visit my sons when the news came through that we had won the regional final of the Booksellers Independent Bookshop of the Year award. Suddenly the sun was warmer on my back, the cherry trees were full of blossom and anything was possible!

There will always be trials and tribulations in business, but for a wonderful, golden day, the hope, the passion and the joy were all that mattered.

Thank you to Booksellers, and to our staff and loyal, enthusiastic customers who make us what we are.

PS  Found my all time favourite chocolate on special offer today – when you’re winning….

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Imagination Wins on World Book Day

Theblessingtonstore101 2Our Bookstore and Coffee shop was Highly Commended in the AIB sponsored  ‘Outstanding Small Business of the year 2014’ category at the SFA awards in Trinity College last Thursday night (World Book Day).

We are delighted to be recognised.  Please visit our interactive page on the Irish Independent website  The page is part of our participation in the Small Business Awards. Its a snapshot of who we are and why we love books.  Thank you to everyone for supporting us and helping put Blessington on the map.

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DSCN0758[1] cropped

The day finally arrived. I had been conscious that the moment of truth was approaching – it lurked beneath the surface and I found myself imagining what would be said, what the reaction would be. I dressed well to give me courage and hide my nerves and …walked into the classroom of 22 young booklovers to hold the first Lunchtime Book Club in Scoil Conglais , Baltinglass….

The evening before at the SFA National awards I had been nervous and excited – and of course really delighted to be highly commended. But here in the classroom I wanted these young readers to develop their love of books. Unfortunately my choice of the first book got a rather indifferent reaction, but the conversation was really interesting. We moved on then to talk about books is general and had fun deciding how we would have finished the Harry Potter series given the chance – a lovely, interesting group of bright students. Their own choice of the next book ‘The Fault in our Stars’ is a captivating, thought provoking book – can’t wait to hear what they think.

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Let us pack your E-books for you..

So many books – so little time. Forget algorithms – let a real live book lover choose eBooks for you.

When you buy a Ebook package, one of our booksellers will contact you and get some idea of the type of books you enjoy. We will then send you two ebooks in whatever format suits your ereader or tablet.

Our goal is to spread the joy of reading, so if you don’t like our choices we will send you a third ebook for free!

Try it today


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