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Wicklow is passionate about its history, as is evidenced by the volume of good local history books available.  Many of these books are a labour of love, having been thoroughly researched and self published.  Following are a selection of the many history books available at The Blessington Bookstore…


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This is a history of hedge school education in Couty Wicklow, during Penal suppression.  A time when hedge schoolmasters were forced to conceal their classes in hedgerows.  It is also a social history of an Irish community that struggle to preserve its heritage, language and culture.




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Meticulously researched, it is written in a lively, readable style which recreates that long-vanished world.  It is an important contribution to the social history of Ireland. Published in association with The Heritage Council.






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The main object of The History of Hollywood Co. Wicklow is to bring to life the story of the people who shaped the parish of Hollywood over the centuries.  Unfortunately, very little information survives about the people who toiled at ploughing the land and building the walls, and we must follow the fortunes of the various landowners to catch a glimpse of the past.  The story of Hollywood has been greatly simplified by the fact that most of its townlands were part of a single manor or estate for many hundreds of years.  While the first ten chapters of Part 1 recount the story of the parish form the time of St. Kevin to the early 20th century, later chapters of Part 2 focus on the history of each of the 38 townslands in the parish, examining the places of interest in them, and in some cases, the derivations of placenames. The last two of these three chapters deal with the townlands which were not part of the Beresford Estate of Hollywood.  Finally, Part 2 features a series of tables outlining the sequence of occupiers of the 243 houses which are know to have existed in Hollywood parkish between 1852 and 1911.  A very comprehensive piece of work.


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This is a social history of Ballymore Eustace which covers a vast period of time but is mainly concentrated on the first three quarters of the 20th century.  The book is composed of written articles on the history of Ballymore, old photographs, the recorded memories of people and folklore.   An invaluable look at Ballymore’s history.





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The Journal contains a series of essays on notable events and people in West Wicklow.  Interesting, varied, well researched and with a full bibliography; it is a very accessible little tome.