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06C04 Busy at Maths 1st Class

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Busy At Maths 1 - First Class

The Busy at Maths First and Second Class package provides the teacher with all the tools to meet the demands of the Primary Maths Curriculum.

This package ensures that all the skills of the curriculum are addressed in a vibrant, engaging way and provides the teacher with an excellent bank of support materials to draw upon.

The Busy at Maths Series

A vibrant and fully integrated maths programme for primary schools.

Busy at Maths provides the most effective strategies to ensure that pupils are exposed to real-life maths with a play‑based approach, as recommended by Aistear. This series encourages collaborative learning and pair/group work, and is supported by coordinated digital interactive material.

The programme includes:

  • Pupil’s Book for each class.
  • Home/School Links Activity Book for both Junior and Senior Infants.
  • Shadow Book for First Class through to Sixth Class.
  • An extensive Teacher’s Resource Book for each class.
  • User-friendly digital activities for use in the classroom.