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Christmas Garland – Ten Evergreen Poems

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On the darkest day of the year, the ancient tradition of 'bringing in the greens' is a welcome sign that Christmas is close. Indeed, it's impossible to imagine our festivities without the embellishments of holly, ivy and mistletoe.

This selection of ten new poems by leading contemporary poets celebrates the many ways in which the natural world enriches tour idea of Christmas. A fall of snow, gathering sticks for a fire, the scent of pine - these magical poems take us deep into the heart of the Christmas spirit to celebrate its essential and simple joys.

Poems by John Agard, Moniza Alvi, Tara Bergin, Sasha Dugdale, Ailistair Elliot. John Glenday, Paula Meehan, Helen Mort, Jacob Polley and Mahendra Solanki