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An Irish Village Dunlavin County Wicklow

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In this study you will read of Celtic warriors, Viking raiders, Norman conquerors, English settlers, improving landlords, liberal loyalists, subversive radicals, rebellions, mass political movements, the Tithe War, the Great Famine, the Land War, political upheavals, social change and economic developments - all viewed through the prism of one village and its environs.  This book explores the impact of national events on a specific locality.

Table of Contents:

  • Foundation and Development: The Emergence of Dunlavin, 1606-1970
  • Improvement and Disimprovement: Dunlavin, 1710-1785
  • Division, Massacre and Resistance: Dunlavin, 1775-1805
  • A time of Growth: Dunlavin in the early nineteenth Century
  • Disaster and Readjustment: Dunlavin, 1845-1910
  • Tynte Twilight: Religion and Politics in Dunlavin, 1850-1910