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The Little Book of Kildare

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In this book you will find out about Kildare's great houses and historic towns, its monastic heritage, its literary traditions and its famous (and occasionally infamous) men and women.  Through quaint villages and bustling towns, this book takes the reader on a journey through County Kildare and its colourful, vibrant past.


  • Monastic Kildare
  • Kildare's Great Houses
  • Kildare Rebels
  • Success and Failure: Industrial Kildare
  • Kildare's Literary Ladies
  • A County in Chaos: Kildare in 1798
  • Kildare's Earls: A Noble Tradition
  • Troubled Times: Kildare 1914-24
  • Breeders and Bloodstock: Kildare and Horses
  • Kildare's Historic Towns