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The Longest Rebellion

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In commemoration of over 40 United Irishmen who were massacred on Dunlavin Fairgreen, May 24th 1798.  The 1798 Rebellion was a decisive moment in Irish history.  Although the enormity of the rebellion and its legacy cannot be overstated, the fighting only lasted through one fateful summer.  The book examines the events and consequences of that fateful day.


Place: examines the pivotal position and strategic importance of the Dunlavin area within West Wicklow and neighbouring County Kildare.

Time: explains political developments in America, France and Ireland that impacted on the Dunlavin region.

Melting Pot: analyses the complex social and political world of West Wicklow in the 1790s.

Terror: details the violent times and terror tactics used in the Dunlavin region immediately prior to the 1798 rebellion.

Massacre:  chronicles the events of 24 May 1798 in Dunlavin, when over forty men were executed.

Aftermath: evaluates the effect of the Dunlavin massacre in the context of the wider rebellion and the insurgent career of Michael Dwyer.

Resistance: concentrate on the guerrilla war waged by Michael Dwyer and his followers in the Wicklow Mountains from 1798 to 1803.