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Beneath The Poulaphuca Reservoir – by Christaan Corlett

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For many visitors to the Poulaphuca area today, the man-made lake of the reservoir seems as if it has been ever-present in the landscape.  However, as the waters of the Liffey gradually rose in 1940, they submerged an historic area that only a few months previously has hosted a thriving farming community.  The lives of these people would probably have entered the the realms of mythology had it not been for the foresight of a small group of individuals. Co-ordinated by Liam Price, people from various backgrounds volunteered their time and skills during the summer months of 1939 in an attempt to record as much information as possible about the landscape soon to be flooded.  The is the Poulaphuca Survey - a moment in time of a forgotten Irish landscape.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Poulaphuca area
  • Origins of the Liffey Reservoir Schme
  • The Poulaphuca Survey
  • Significance of the Survey
  • Conclusion