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The Six Loves of Billy Binns – By Richard Lumsden

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I remember my dreams but not where they start. Further back, I recall some of yesterday and the day before that.

Then everything goes into a haze. Fragments of memories come looming back like red London buses in a pea-souper. Time plays funny tricks these days.

I wait for the next memory. I wait and I wait. At 117 years old, Billy Binns is the oldest man in Europe and he knows his time is almost up.

But Billy has a final wish: he wants to remember what love feels like one last time. As he looks back at the relationships that have shaped his flawed life - and the events that shaped the century - he recalls a life full of hope, mistakes, heartbreak and, above all, love.


Entertaining and bittersweet read, travelling through the life of a now very elderly gentleman. Full of humour, sadness and honesty. Good, easy read.