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Now We Shall Be Entirely Free – by Andrew Miller

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When Captain John Lacroix returns to England after fighting Napoleon's forces in Spain, he is not the man he was.  A survivor of the British army's infamous retreat to Corunna, he carries with him a shameful secret, one he will travel to the outer reaches of Scotland to forget.  Lacroix's journey to the Hebrides leads to encounters with thieves and free thinkers, to unexpected friendship, even love.  But as the short northern summer reaches its zenith, the shadow of the enemy if creeping closer - unbeknownst to Lacroix, a vicious English corporal and a Spanish officer are on his trail.  Freedom, for Jonh Lacroix, will come at a high price.


From its thrilling premise, Miller weaves a strangely gentle and lyrical story of love and redemption. Strong in period detail which supports the main narrative he pulls in an ambitious range of ideas and writes with often arresting insight. A masterful and deeply humane novel of loss and faith.