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Come Dance With Me: A Memoir 1898-1956 Ninette de Valois

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This compelling ballet success story, illustrated with over fifty photographs, is enlivened by sketches of Yeats, Lennox Robinson, Oliver St John Gogarty, Tyrone Guthrie, Lilian Baylis, Margot Fonteyn, Lydia Lopokova, Frederick Ashton and Constant Lambert, among others. Linking her childhood to incidents from later life, she writes with fluidity and ease, lending focus and depth to a memorable self-portrait.

DAME NINETTE, has written a foreword welcoming a return to her beloved Irish origins: ‘May another generation in Ireland honour me by reading and enjoying this new edition. I do hope that my country will find it interesting: it plays a big part in the original inspiration for my life of dancing.’

Family historian HARRY MCDOWELL contributes a fascinating Appendix on the Stannus and Elizabeth Grant Smith (great-grandmother) family connections, tracing the author’s ancestry back to political, military, and theatrical antecedents in Scotland, England and Northern Ireland over three hundred years.