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Credentials for Genealogists

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Given that genealogy is unusual as a profession, with most practitioners starting out as
hobbyists, in the past many in the field recognised that it lacked respect from academia.
Much energy has been put into attempts to gain such respect.  In some cases this has led to
moves to exclude from the profession those whose training is not through academic courses.
Gorry argues against such limitations.  Credentials attest to a practitioner’s skills and
experience, regardless of the career path that has been taken.

The book provides background on the various accrediting bodies, as well as guidance on
developing a career in genealogy, on training courses and on other organisations that provide
support for professional genealogists.

About the author: Paul Gorry has worked in genealogy professionally since 1979. His
credentials are as a Member of Accredited Genealogists Ireland (MAGI). He is a member of
the International Society of Family History Writers and Editors. This is his fifth published book