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Get Well Soon – By Nick Duerden

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When Nick Duerden became ill with an all-too-common, if routinely misunderstood, viral condition, his doctor didn't know what to suggest. And so he was forced to plunge into the often bewildering, but increasingly blossoming, world of alternative therapy in pursuit of a cure.

He visited energy practitioners and spiritual gurus, and learned yoga, meditation and how to manage the new anxieties his poor health had brought rushing to the surface. Get Well Soon is a memoir that focuses on the journey all of us at some point will have to make: the abrupt obligation to start living better, wiser, healthier, and to be kinder to our minds and bodies. Honest, funny and ultimately optimistic, it's also about successfully negotiating long-term illness while still leading a hectic modern life, because hectic modern lives rarely pause for breath.

But we can.


I really enjoyed this honest account of Nick Duerden's experience with a mysterious health condition and how he tries a multitude of different ways to get better. Nick's story is gripping and he is easy to relate to. His book shows us that there can be a way out of the darkest situations when tackled with patience and determination. A brilliant book which I finished in two days.