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The Closer I Get – By Paul Burston

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Tom is a successful author, but he's struggling to finish his novel. His main distraction is an online admirer, Evie, who simply won't leave him alone. Evie is smart, well-read and unstable; she lives with her father and her social-media friendships are not only her escape, but everything she has.

When she's hit with a restraining order, her world is turned upside down, and Tom is free to live his life again, to concentrate on writing. But things aren't really adding up. For Tom is distracted but also addicted to his online relationships, and when they take a darker, more menacing turn, he feels powerless to change things.

Because maybe he needs Evie more than he's letting on. A compulsive, disturbingly relevant, twisty and powerful psychological thriller, The Closer I Get is also a searing commentary on the fragility and insincerity of online relationships, and the danger that can lurk just one `like' away... `A gripping ride through the heartlands of need and hurt.


A very well written dark and chilling take on how easy it is for people to hide behind social media and email accounts and how reliant we are on them and how trusting too. It is a good and thought-provoking thriller. It will unsettle and make you look at your social media accounts more carefully