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15F05 Master Your Maths 4

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Master Your Maths 4 - Fourth Class

Master Your Maths is a new series of innovative activity books for primary schools that uniquely combines both mental maths and problem-solving.

Each book is based on 30 weeks of the school year, comprising mental maths and problem-solving exercises for Monday to Thursday, along with a Friday test. The questions are varied and increase in complexity as the year progresses.

The series provides daily questions where children can develop problem-solving skills. It helps teachers create a classroom culture where children are encouraged to develop as independent mathematicians with strong problem-solving skills.

Master Your Maths


  • covers all strands and strand units of the maths curriculum.
  • develops and reinforces mental calculation, concepts and skills.
  • provides daily practice in problem-solving, which is the key to maths understanding and higher scores in maths.
  • provides real-life problems where children can see the role of maths in everyday life.
  • provides Friday test pages to assess learning.
  • provides assessment record sheets where children can track their own progress.